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Mushroom Varieties We Grow!


Lentinula edodes

The original Den Hill mushroom and our crowd favorite! Shiitakes have that classic mushroom flavor,  savory & nutty. They are dense and hold up great in stir fries and soups.  With an earthy and almost smoky flavor, shiitake mushrooms are similar to, and are an easy substitute for, portobellos and buttons. 


We love our oysters at Den Hill! We offer blue, pink, golden and white oysters. They get their name from their resemblance to fresh-shucked oysters and their delicate seafood flavor. When pan seared, their margins become brown and crispy and they mesh great into most dishes.


Hypsizygus tessellatus

As a fascinating little mushroom packed with big flavor, they get their name from growing traditionally on beech trees. They have a crunchy texture and a nice umami taste, they are also very versatile in cooking and can be prepared in a variety of dishes!

Lion's Mane
Hericium erinaceus

This is an amazing medicinal and edible mushroom with almost lobster-like favor and texture. Lion's mane is said to help cognitive health and growth plus reduces inflammation. Great with, or substituted for, seafood... we recommend you to make lion's mane "crab cakes."


Cyclocybe aegerita

Another mushroom with delicious nutty, umami flavor! Both the caps and stems are desirable with mild finish. These work great in soups, stir fries and fried in fat!

King Trumpet
Pleurotus eryngii 

These are related to oysters but bred for their dense meaty stems. They are a great substitute for sea scollops or meat. To enjoy, cut the stem into coins and fry until brown for a rich, meaty flavor. 


Pholiota adiposa

The chestnut mushroom is savory and dynamic but mild in flavor.  Both the cap and stem can be enjoyed and maintains a crunchy texture even after cooking. These are great on pizzas or fried after in meat fat and drippings!

Stropharia rugosoannulata

Winecaps are nutty, sweet and happen to be our house favorite! They are seasonally grown outside on mulch so, so be sure to get them when we have them! When they are still small they can be used like a button mushroom in recipes. At full size, they can be stuffed or grilled like a portobello. They are great in Italian food or pan fried with butter!

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